Next meeting September 23, 2023


Who: 6th grade to adult. This club is open to anyone – there is no requirement to be a student at Blue Valley. Anyone with a curiosity about how things work is welcome. Parents are strongly encouraged to stick around and participate. The younger your students, the more strongly this is encouraged! Homeschoolers and students from other school districts are very welcome.

What: A mostly self-directed, self-discovery, self-learning environment (guided and assisted by adults) focusing on science and technology but certainly not excluding the arts. Each meeting will generally have a teaching time, a show-and-tell time, and a group discussion time. The majority of each meeting will be open time for self-directed work. If you're working on something, bring it! Show it off, and get help/advice.

When: In general we will meet on the 4th Saturday of each month from 1:00 to 5:00. Date and time subject to change.

Where: The Blue Valley High School Agriculture Building in Randolph. The school has a fantastic wood and metal shop, and the club will have access to some of this "maker-space" equipment after receiving some training. The shop also has two good 3D printers that we will have access to. (We will need to reimburse the school for printer filament we use.)